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Premium Super Saga

$300.00 - On sale

This armor requires a upper duck tape body cast to be made and mailed into the studio. But don't worry it's fun and easy to make with a friend!

Once a order has been placed I will work with you on how to create the cast and where to mail it in. If your not familiar with making a cast search YouTube on "How To Make a Duck Tape Body Cast" to get a better understanding.

Please note any sizes over 38" must pay a materials fee of $40.00 via PayPal

Estimate for shipping a small box for cast within the US to the studio in Texas is $20 which has been removed from my end of shipping cost.

Made with completely new materials. Each set is specifically made to the cast mailed in with the highest detail and quality.

Materials for this armor cost much more to create but labor cost will remain the same

Please understand I am a one man studio. I do not cut lines and rush orders. I make quality armors in the order they are received.

PLEASE ask for wait times before ordering if needed by a date.

Over 900 armors and counting for DBZ fans around Earth

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